We’ve partnered with Billd to offer easy extended payment terms

In our mission at epartslighting.com, we’re more than just a website where you can join up to purchase LED solutions easily and cost-effectively. In addition to our constant search for new and innovative products and suppliers, we’re also always on the lookout for ways to benefit your bottom line in the planning stages of your projects.

Which means that it’s very exciting for us to announce our new partnership with Billd, which will create easy, extended payment terms and allow your business to have sufficient funds.

Project-based contractor financing – how it works.

Billd is a construction financing company that focuses on giving contractors financing they need to be able to pay for project-based material the instant they need it. By having Billd, you can focus on growing your business by having 120-day terms, payment-free, for the first 30 days. If you pay within the first 30 days, there’s no cost to you.If you need more time, you are guaranteed 120 days to pay it back. This allows you to take the stress off how you are going to pay, and allows you to focus on taking on more projects.

Have you ever worked on a project but then found out you won’t be paid for 90 days? Because of our partnership with Billd, you don’t have to settle for the typical 30-day terms we see in our industry. You have a runway of up to 120 days to repay.

Why this might be a great fit for you.

For growth: Growing your business doesn’t have to be as much of a challenge as it presents. If you want to double or triple your revenue, Billd is a good place to start. Without having sufficient funds, it can be very challenging and frustrating when trying to tackle larger projects. With the solution of being able to pay-when-paid, the possibilities to grow are endless.

For COD or credit card use: Using a credit card to buy the products you need for every job can turn into a sticky situation. Continuously charging your credit card and not being able to pay it off can cause your business a lot of damage over time.

By putting every material purchase on a credit card, you can adversely affect your credit score. Through our partnership with Billd, epartslighting.com can help you by allowing you not to put big strains on your cash flow.

How much does it cost?

Billd offers 120-day terms. The first 30 days are payment-free, but the time we give the contractor to repay is 120 days.

You can get an estimate of your weekly payment by checking out Billd’s payment calculator here, or you can use Billd’s cash flow estimating calculator to determine how much cash is needed to take on a new project.

Enroll today.

Ready to get started? Just visit the epartslighting.com/Billd enrollment page here, or if you have any questions or need help, use our Contact Us page to – well, contact us!

We’ve partnered with Light Progress to make their proven UV-C technology available to help you disinfect buildings against COVID-19

Our goal now during the global COVID-19 pandemic is to help you create safer building environments, and after researching the most proven and effective approaches throughout our industry, we’ve entered into a new and exciting partnership with Light Progress as a trusted global leader in UV-C products and solutions.

UV-C – ultraviolet light with germicidal properties – was discovered over 100 years ago and has decades of overwhelming, peer-reviewed scientific research proving it to be a safe and effective means of disinfecting air, surfaces, and water. We sought out Light Progress because they’ve created the best evidence-based technology to disinfect air in HVAC systems against Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, the causal agent of COVID-19.

Now, together with Light Progress, we can work to get you the right UV-C solutions for all of your HVAC projects, ensuring clean, safe buildings and protecting the health of the occupants within. And of course, you’ll be able to find all of the Light Progress parts in our online marketplace, easily and quickly and backed up by our world-class customer support team.

We’ll link to the Light Progress products below, but it’s important first to share a little bit about their mission – because it’s really a great story with potentially history-making solutions to this generation’s biggest challenge.

First, a quickie definition: UV-C rays are ultra-violet rays for which germicidal effects of their radiation destroy the DNA of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds and mites, reducing their growth and proliferation. UVGI technology is a physic disinfection method with a great costs/benefits ratio. Furthermore, it’s ecological, and – unlike chemicals – it works against every microorganisms without creating any resistance.

Since their founding in 1987, Light Progress has become a trusted global leader in providing proven risk mitigation solutions that deliver safer environments for people, today and in the future.

Their idea was to use the UV-C wavelength, known for its germicidal properties. At that time, UV-C was a poorly developed but promising technology to be explored, analyzed, and tested. The results were immediate and striking. From pioneering research, the Light Progress founders began producing ultraviolet germicidal products and solutions for air and surface treatment.

By the early 90s, the Light Progress product portfolio included a dozen different devices. The company’s focus remained fixed on research and design of new products and applications of UV-C that would arise over the years.

Light Progress has 40 internal employees in management and R&D and over 100 in manufacturing across five facilities in Italy, one facility in Germany, and two facilities in the United States. Their products are found in large companies, food industry leaders, hospitals, universities, research institutes, commercial facility and infrastructure contractors, public transit, and others to transform ultraviolet germicidal technology into real and practical solutions.

UV-C helps maintain or retrofit indoor air quality significantly. The application of UV prevents formation and reduces the spread of different categories of organisms, which can grow and/or spread in modern air treatment systems. Use of UV irradiation in air conditioning and air treatment systems has also been recommended for many years, and ASHRAE recommends ultraviolet germicidal irradiation as a way to address disease transmission of COVID-19.

We’ll be telling you a lot more about Light Progress products in the coming months, because we really believe that their technology and core philosophy will be integral to the creation of safer buildings everywhere.

In the meantime, you can browse Light Progress UV-C Germicidal Solutions products on epartslighting.com right here.

EVE Hazardous Lighting is a Complete Solution for the Most Demanding Industrial Environments

Luminaires tested and certified for the complete range of standards including C1D1 and C1D2

The EVE Hazardous Lighting line is a truly impressive family of luminaires with a comprehensive list of certifications and standards. Additionally, the line features multiple mounting configurations and options for every conceivable industrial installation scenario from petroleum refineries to grain silos to toxic and caustic environments.

Find EVE hazardous lighting products on epartslighting.com here.

Fulham and epartslighting.com Team Up to Provide Members with Emergency Lighting Solutions

Fulham products are designed to be efficient and easy to use for retrofits and new construction.

epartslighting.com has added the Fulham line of emergency and battery backup lighting systems. Fulham has long been recognized as an industry leader in high quality ballasts, power supplies and emergency lighting systems. More recently, Fulham has introduced numerous LED solutions that provide efficient and simplified installation for emergency and battery backup lighting.

Find Fulham emergency and battery backup lighting systems on epartslighting.com here.

Aleddra Introduces FDA Registered Antiviral Panel Light Pro

Revolutionary nanocomposite TTA material kills viruses and lowers TVOC

Panel Light Pro from Aleddra is a truly revolutionary lighting system that destroys viruses and bacteria on contact. The patented nanocomposite TTA filtration and air circulation system is FDA registered and independently lab tested for effectiveness against enterovirus, H1N1, staphylococcus, E.Coli and many more. Additionally, the system breaks down airborne formaldehyde and TVOC gases.


Panel Light Pro works alone or connected to HVAC and is dimmable for compatibility with smart building energy management systems.    

Find Aleddra lighting system products on epartslighting.com here.